New Travel Insured Web Pages Put Sales Tools on Your Desktop

March 13, 2009

Technology Update

At Travel Insured our IT department never stops working to improve our online sales tools designed to help agents add more insurance plans to client bookings. Our team wants to help clients quickly find the insurance information they need to reach a buy decision. Here are some of the newest pages recently posted.

 Travel Insured’s home page now has more information for those first learning about insurance. Find new links to coverage needs and cost pages

 This new page provides coverage answers to the question: “What do I need for Trip Insurance?”

This new page describes the different types of Worldwide Trip Protector plans available.

This page describes how competing plans have similar costs and suggests more important deciding factors.

This page reviews Emergency Medevac, Concierge Services and ID Theft Recovery Assistance.

This “about us” backgrounder page includes links to consumer and agent testimonials about their experiences with Travel Insured..

Read consumers testimonials about the service they received from Travel Insured.

Read travel agent partners’ testimonials  about how Travel Insured helped their clients in time of need.

Answering “why travel insurance?” this page focuses on medical coverage.

This page tells why “cheap travel insurance” leaves potentially costly gaps in needed coverage.

 Agent Home Page: After login, see how to increase sales with insurance web pages:

 Special Agent Page – check desktop travel templates available as insurance links.