USA Today Travel Report Spotlights TII’s Job Loss Protection

Media Update:

USA Today travel columnist Bill McGee turned his attention to job loss protection in travel insurance in his monthly “On the Road” column posted May 24, 2009. McGee reviewed the newest developments in coverage allowing Trip Cancellation for booked travelers when they lose their job between initial deposit and their trip. He described Travel Insured International’s Cancel for Work Reasons option, introduced in March of this year partly in response to consumer demand. The option, McGee noted, upgrades job loss coverage from the standard protection for loss of a job held three continuous years to protection for a job held only one year prior to its being lost.

McGee also noted that the Cancel for Work Reasons option, priced at $24, allows trip cancellations for a broad range of work-related issues, including a documented work conflict; a company made unsuitable to do business due to a natural disaster, vandalism, or burglary; a company involved in an acquisition or merger in which the insured is directly involved; or the relocation of the insured’s job and primary residence 250 miles or more.


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