Travel Insured’s Herlihy: “Offer Insurance or You’ll Never Sell It”

Home-Based Agent Expo:

“If you offer it, you’ll get it. If you don’t offer it, you’ll never get a sale.”
This piece of travel insurance sales advice, along with several others, was offered by Kevin Herlihy, Travel Insured International’s Director of National Accounts, on a panel called “And Remember to Sell…” at the Virtual Home-Based Agent Expo. The event, hosted by Performance Media Group and its publication Travel Pulse online, is available on demand through Sept. 2, 2009. The Home-Based Agent Expo, including a virtual tradeshow, was originally presented online on June 2nd and 3rd.

You can view the panel, hosted by Travel Pulse editor James Shillinglaw. Other panelists discussing with Herlihy the high-commission travel products that agents can sell to serve their clients and support their bottom line are Peter Rahaman, Vice President of Sales at Rail Europe and Joseph Maniscalco, Vice President of Sales for Auto Europe.

In recommending travel insurance for bankruptcy protection, Herlihy noted the uncertain economy and remarked, “No one knows the finances of any supplier at this time.” The Travel Insured director added in an exchange with moderator Shillinglaw that “All of our programs, except WTP Lite, protect against default. As long as you purchase a plan within 14 days [of initial trip deposit] we protect against default.” When asked if “that is the difference between insuring with you and insuring directly with a supplier,” Herlihy responded, “That is a correct statement.”

To see more of the Virtual Home-Based Agent Expo, visit Click on the red “click here” link near the top right to enter the show directory and select programs for viewing.


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