Online Commission Statements Begin June 15th

Technology Reminder:

Starting this June 15th, and on the 15th of each month thereafter, your monthly commission statement is available to you on demand by visiting the agency side of our web site at We hope you can join us in helping reduce our carbon footprint. If, however, you are not yet ready to give up your mailed statement, you can still opt to receive it. Here is how to obtain either your online or mailed commission statement.

  1. Log in as usual to the agent side of the web site ( and land on the “Agent Administration” Page.
  2. Go to “Agency Setup.”
  3. If you want to continue receiving the monthly printed commission statement by mail check the box under Agency Setup that says: “I want to receive a paper commission statement.”
  4. If you want to save time and eliminate mail, go to “Commission Statements” below the Agency Setup. You will see your agency name and number. Use the pull down screen to find the month for the statement you request.
  5. Click on “click here” to download a pdf file of your commission statement. We hope you will help us reduce paper mail.

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