Agent Writer Frenaye Recommends TII to Examiner Readers

Consumer Advisory:

Travel agent writer and columnist John Frenaye, president of JVE Group and Single Parent Travel, posted his most recent article on travel insurance (“Travel Insurance: Just the FAQs”) in the Baltimore Examiner web site on May 27. Asking in his article, “who are the good insurers?” Frenaye recommends Travel Insured International on his short list of companies. He notes that Travel Insured is among those insurers that have “been around for a long time and are very good with settling claims….These insurers are long standing preferred suppliers to some of the largest travel companies.”

Drawing on his extensive agency experience, Frenaye points out several other travel insurance tips:

  • On the importance of a travel agent: “Ask your travel professional to review the benefits of all policies for you if you are unsure.”
  • On estimating how much insurance will cost: “Not nearly as much as it will cost if you need it and don’t have it.”
  • On travel suppliers’ own “waivers:” “A trip cancellation waiver usually allows you to cancel your trip for any reason…and receive a full or partial refund, sometimes in funny money to be used with the travel supplier within one year.”

Remind clients that 3rd– party travel insurance is regulated by state insurance rules, an important measure for judging its financial reliability.


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