Challenge & Opportunity – Flu Outbreak Puts Consumer Focus on Travel Insurance

One visible effect of the recent H1N1 flu outbreak was the raised awareness of the traveling public about the importance of travel insurance. In addition to seeing daily news coverage of the outbreak itself, travelers with either existing bookings or plans to make them saw daily news stories about travel insurance. Our Travel Insured International customer care department did an outstanding job of answering questions from thousands of customers calling about their Worldwide Trip Protector plans and how their coverage would apply in the face of the H1N1 flu risk.

Everyone at Travel Insured is indebted to our travel industry partners who demonstrate their true professionalism when a sales challenge like the flu outbreak occurs. You were able to answer many clients’ travel insurance questions or, if not, were involved in getting the answers from your TII Regional Sales Manager or one of our Customer Care Representatives. Without your level of commitment, we truly would not be able to do our jobs helping your clients.

Your clients should be more aware than ever, and you should now be more willing to remind them, that travel insurance is a necessary part of any travel booking they make in the future! Here are some key points about the flu outbreak, and its coverage in our Worldwide Trip Protector family of insurance plans:

  •  If covered travelers contract H1N1 flu before or during travel, including in Mexico, coverage will be provided them for sickness medical expense as specified in the terms of their plan.
  • If covered travelers have purchased optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage, they may cancel their trip anytime up to two days before departure and receive up to 75% reimbursement of their prepaid trip cost.
  • Fear of contracting flu while traveling is unfortunately not a specific covered reason under Trip Cancellation for canceling a trip. However, customers who wish to have Trip Cancellation protection against a flu outbreak in future should purchase the Cancel for Any Reason option as the way to obtain that coverage.
  • If covered travelers are quarantined before or during travel due to an illness, coverage may be included under Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption or Trip Delay provided the person is restricted to their home or a medical facility, not restricted from one country or destination.
  • Many travel suppliers, including cruise lines, have changed itineraries to avoid a flu outbreak. Insured travelers may be covered for Missed Port of Call coverage if their original itinerary is changed and, as a result, they forfeit their prepayment of non-refundable activities. Additionally, travel dates can be adjusted on a customer’s Worldwide Trip Protector plan if they have not filed a claim and have not yet departed on the trip.
  • Travel Insured’s Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance is a service included with every plan we sell. Your clients can contact this service, with a free call from anywhere, whenever they need emergency medical assistance during their trip!

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