Travel Insured International Statement Regarding Coverage of Swine Flu Illness

At this time we are covering Swine Flu as any other Sickness. However, cancellation or interruption due to the fear of contracting the Swine Flu are not covered. Cancellation or Interruption due to Sickness requires documentation by the attending physician.

Travel Insured does provide Cancel for Any Reason coverage to travelers purchasing the Cancel for Any Reason option with their Travel Insured plan and cancelling their trip two or more days prior to their scheduled trip departure date.

Travel Insured plans provide Emergency Sickness Medical Expense and Emergency Medical Evacuation benefits for all necessary medical events, including those resulting from an insured traveler’s contraction of swine flu.

If a Travel Insured policy holder is subjected to an imposed quarantine as the result of swine flu, Travel Insured Trip Delay benefits will apply as normally specified in each plan’s Description of Coverage.

Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance, included with every Travel Insured plan, will continue to be provided in all travel emergencies, whether or not related to a swine flu illness.


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