TII Can Adjust Rates if Your Clients Earn Promotion Discounts

Travel Insured is aware that a sales challenge faced by agents this year is convincing travel clients to book early rather than wait for last-minute travel discounts. One incentive you can offer them to book now, not later, is to let them know that Travel Insured can check their insurance rates if a travel discount offer reduces the cost of their trip between booking and departure.

When the lower trip cost results in a refund or reduced final trip payment and also lowers your clients’ insurance rate, Travel Insured is able to issue a refund to their credit card account. Although a reduction in the client’s policy premium would result in a recall of the proportional share of the travel agent commission, your agent advantage is in offering your client a clear incentive to book now with confidence that they will get a good deal on both their trip cost and insurance premium. Your client will be less inclined to wait for a better deal to come along later, if at all.

As you know, some suppliers and online agencies are now promoting price guarantees including refunds should a post-booking promotional discount lower their prepaid trip cost. Help yourself compete for early travel bookings by reassuring clients that their Travel Insured coverage cost may go down when these post-booking travel promotions occur.


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