New TII Group Lite & Deluxe Keep Trip Planning Simple

Travel Insured has introduced a simpler way to sell and book group travel insurance. Starting April 6, group trip planners can choose from Lite or Deluxe coverage with one set of premium rates for each, whether sold as inclusive for all group members or voluntary for each member. Motorcoach, Post-Departure and Basic plans are now brought together under the Lite plan.

A Cancel for Any Reason option is available individually to members provided they buy the plan within 14 days of their initial trip deposit. A waiver that can cover Pre-Existing Medical conditions can be obtained provided the group plan is purchased prior to the final trip payment. Families of 10 or more members traveling on the same itinerary are now eligible to be covered under the same plan. Additional information including benefits, limits and pricing is available at Group leaders and their travel planners can learn more about the new Travel Insured Group Plans from Travel Insured’s Group Administrator by Emailing, or by phoning 1-800-243-3174 ext. 148.


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