Chicago Tribune Misses Health Reasons for Adding Trip Insurance

A March 23rd Chicago Tribune article on travel insurance (“Travel Insurance: Trying to Collect it Can be a Real Trip”) by writer Carol Pucci gave some important new reasons why people are shopping for travel insurance with their trips this year. Top priorities for travelers, according to the article, are job loss protection, Cancel for Work Reasons coverage and default and bankruptcy coverage in case your travel supplier becomes insolvent. Missing from the article, however, was the reminder that potential health risks for travelers remain the biggest reason for obtaining travel insurance even as job-related and financial concerns have gained new attention.

Travel Insured sent a note to the Chicago Tribune travel editor asking him and writer Pucci to remind readers that the U.S. State Department recommends travel insurance for international trips ( because most U.S. health plans and Medicare programs do not provide coverage outside the U.S. Additionally, covering against Trip Cancellation due to disruptive illnesses or accidents involving non-traveling, as well as traveling, family members, especially elderly ones, is a top priority for adding travel insurance to a trip booking.


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