Your Client’s Relative Suffered a Relapse. Will the Trip be Lost?

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Your clients may not understand that protecting their prepaid trip costs should include covering the Pre-Existing Medical Conditions suffered by their non-traveling as well as traveling family members. They may know that most third-party insurance plans include an exclusion waiver allowing them to cover their own pre-existing medical conditions. But do they realize that some third-party travel insurers, as well as many plans offered directly by travel suppliers, do not protect against pre-existing medical conditions suffered by their non-traveling family members?

What happens if an elderly parent or other immediate family relative suffers a medical relapse between booking and scheduled departure that requires your client to stay home? Most Travel Insured plans, including our flagship Worldwide Trip Protector comprehensive plan, Trip Protector Gold and Trip Protector Lite Expanded, provide a waiver of the normal policy exclusion for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions of your client, their family’s members, whether traveling with your client or not, as well as your client’s traveling companion and all members of his or her immediate family. Not all insurance companies offer this broad coverage!

Four simple conditions to obtain this protection will help you sell more plans. You client must purchase a Trip Protector plan within 14 days of their initial trip deposit and insure the full trip cost. This must be their first and only travel booking for the same dates and destination, and they must not be disabled from travel at the time they pay for the plan. Protecting the Pre-existing medical conditions of traveling and non-traveling family members with Travel Insured is the right plan for a stress-free vacation!


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