School Make-Up Days Can Ruin a Trip; Travel Insured Can Save It!

Consumer Alert

Schools from Arkansas to Alaska to Connecticut have been rescheduling and extending their class calendars this spring semester to make up for days canceled earlier this school year due to snow and ice storms in one of the worst winters in years. Make-up days, whether taking place during spring breaks or at the end of the school year in June, can disrupt prepaid, scheduled travel departures. Rebooking airline and hotel reservations can be difficult to impossible given recent cutbacks in flight schedules and hefty fees attached by carriers to any flight changes by passengers.

Most Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector plans allow for Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption coverage when “the primary or secondary school where you or your dependant children attend must extend their operating session beyond the school year due to unforeseen events commencing during your plan effective period, and the travel dates for your trip fall within the period of the school year extension.”

The coverage means that when your clients already have their Trip Protector plan in effect when the snow days and school cancellations occur that lead to the school calendar being extended for make-up days, and your trip is disrupted due to trip dates conflicting with the school make-up dates, your Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption coverage can fully protect your insured trip costs.


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