All-Inclusive Vacations: Covering the Extras is a Reason to Prepay

Value Added Insurance

Offer your clients one more reason in the current economy to consider an all-inclusive vacation, such as an all-inclusive resort, a cruise or an escorted tour. Trips that include prepaid, and potentially non-refundable, components such as meals, sports activities, sightseeing excursions and entertainment, can be protected by a Worldwide Trip Protector plan that covers all of the extras, provided these prepaid costs are included in the premium paid for the plan. In many cases the insurance premium paid is a minimal increase over the cost of protecting a vacation that does not cover the food, activities, sightseeing and entertainment paid for during the course of a non-inclusive vacation.

When your clients are considering whether to book an independent vacation in which they pay for extras as they go, or an all-inclusive trip in which daily expenses are included, protecting these extra items at minimal added cost with a WTP plan can tip their mind toward the all-inclusive. Remind them that even if they purchase a WTP plan with their initial trip deposit and add prepaid excursions, or a prepaid meal plan or prepaid entertainment or all of the above prior to departure they can still update their WTP plan to include coverage for these prepaid extras. Once again, there is minimal added premium. Either way, the coverage of prepaid vacation components by your clients brings them added trip protection and brings you increased income dollars, both from the added revenue of an all-inclusive travel booking and your added insurance commission!


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